FAQs and Etiquette


It is here that we would like to present to you a few simple suggestions to make your date possible. In order to enjoy the services of our Escorts, you need to learn how to discuss their services correctly. While some of those reading this might be well versed in chatting up Escorts this list is more for the novice client who has little to no clue of how to go about it.

  • Escorts DO NOT sell sex. (While some people often confuse Escorts and Prostitutes the big difference is simple. Escorts sell their time, not sexual acts. What happens during the time spent with an Escort is up to two or more consenting adults who possess similar likes and interests. Its that simple.)
  • Because of what was mentioned in one (1.) you will discover Escorts DO NOT talk to clients about sex between yourself and themselves at all, in any form or manner. This is just as inappropriate as if you were setting up a traditional date. The reason is as mentioned above. They are selling their time. To avoid delays in communicating with an Escort keep the discussion light and fun.
  • NEVER associate a sex act with a fee or rate $$. Escorts are not prostitutes. The only people on the planet who attempt to associate sex with a fee when communicating with an Escort work for Government agencies, Police departments or are soliciting hookers. Making this fee/act association will end a conversation with an Escort immediately and once again everybody loses. Avoid this mistake at all costs and you will have a great new friend a phone call away.
  • When first contacting our agency please be sure to supply some general information including your name, a general location, interests, etc. Something to avoid is sending E-mail with lewd, crude wishes and wants. These usually get ignored and it halts communication. FIRST-TIME agency clients will be screened for the safety of our Escorts.
  • When you first meet up with your Escort be sure to leave the agreed monies/fees on the dresser, bed, coffee table, etc. ALWAYS in plain view and expect the Escort to count it. ALWAYS pay the agreed upon fees/monies up front. NEVER make the Escort ask for money.
  • Have your ID available for the Escort to inspect. In the event you are staying at a hotel EXPECT the Agency to call the front desk to confirm you are a registered guest and in the room number you provided before they ever show up. This will require you providing your full name which will be compared against your ID. This is for safety reasons.
  • If you’re first meeting with your Escort is in a hotel room EXPECT the Escort to go immediately to the bathroom to make sure there are no additional “guests”. Do not be alarmed by this. Upon finding no unexpected guests you can then EXPECT the Escort to then lock all of the doors in the room including sliding glass doors and doors to joint/adjoining rooms. The time you have purchased is for you alone. With all the doors locked the Escort will have a much easier time concentrating on you and you on them.
  • Only offer beverages to your Escort which are sealed in bottles or cans.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What if I need to cancel my date?
A) Please contact our agency immediately.

2) Are the photos of the models real?
A) Yes, we only post genuine photos of our models in both our public galleries and our members-only private galleries.